Cronulla Caringbah Club History Since 1932

Documents uncovered display a straight line of succession from when Cronulla Rugby League Team first entered into the Sydney Houses competition in 1932, to today’s Cronulla Caringbah Sharks JRLFC.

The Team first played in the competition called the Sydney Houses which later became the Sydney Business Houses competition.

The players and officials of the Cronulla Team formally organised the Cronulla Rugby League Club in 1945 and then played in the St. George Junior Rugby League competition until 1952 when the name of the club was changed to Cronulla Caringbah JRLFC.

The club continued to play primarily in the St. George JRL competition until 1963 when the Cronulla Sutherland JRL was formulated and the club then played in the present day District Junior League competition.

The original team played in all black uniforms with a white band and played teams from as far away as Katoomba.

The team later went to blue, black and white of the Cronulla Surf Club however the exact date or year that happened is at the time unclear.

It is important to note that about this time the team was sponsored by the Barsby bus company and was nick named the Barsby Blues which was not the correct name.

In 1945 the club went to brown and gold uniforms as it was the most non controversial as many members of the club were either Cronulla or North Cronulla surf club members and there was conflict as to uniform colours. At the time the Cronulla hockey team wore brown and gold and it was decided to conform with them.

In 1946 after the war there was many good players in Cronulla and another club started called the South Cronulla Rangers Rugby League Club and they played in blue and gold uniforms.

This club existed until the end of 1952 when it was decided that the Rangers and the Cronulla club would amalgamate. It was then that the present day club was named and formed and again new colours were adopted back to black and white, which were the original colours of Cronulla Rugby League with the intention of avoiding controversy in the joint venture a new name Cronulla Caringbah JRLFC was adopted.

In 1963 Cronulla Caringbah helped form the Cronulla Sutherland Junior League still with an open division team playing up til 1967 in the St George 2nd division as Cronulla Caringbah until the Cronulla Caringbah 1st grade team was then accepted into the Sydney Rugby League First Division ARL Comp.

This is when the clubs 1st division team played by the name of Cronulla Sutherland Sharks representing the Sutherland Shire and as it is today. After 50 years the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks won their 1st NRL premiership in 2016.

As of the early 1990’s the Cronulla Caringbah JRLFC have added a silver/blue around the number and now also to the front of the jersey. The club has also gone by the name of Cronulla Caringbah Sharks JRLFC since the early 1990’s.

Even though the club have had a shark as their emblem since the 1970’s they never really owned the name the sharks until later. Today they do and the constitution being changed and stating that they are the “Cronulla Caringbah Sharks”.

In 2016 together with the help of Cronulla High School staff, students and Huw Ellis a member of the NRL at the time Cronulla Caringbah Sharks became pioneers and formed a pathway for Womens Rugby League in the Sutherland Shire to play in the Sydney Metropolitan Competition.

The club fields 4 teams U14, U16, U18 and 1st grade with the U18 and 1st grade girls winning the Sydney Metro Premierships in their very 1st year.

The clubs committee approached senior club the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks to see if they wanted to form an NRL women’s exhibition team with the Cronulla Caringbah Sharks girls to help develop womens professional Rugby League. The senior club agreed and the womens rugby league is as it is now.

Today Cronulla Caringbah Sharks field over 30 teams and are proud of each and every one of them.

#wearesharks #CCsharks the club that help found both the men’s and women’s Cronulla Sutherland Sharks NRL teams. The only NRL teams to originate from a Junior Club.

Cronulla Caringbah Club Song

We wear Black, we wear White,
We don’t go down without a fight,
We’re Cronulla Caringbah.

If you think you’ve got the stuff,
Play the boys who play it tough,
We’re Cronulla Caringbah.

If you’re standing in our way,
On the ground is where you’ll lay,
We’re Cronulla Caringbah.

When the whistle blows to stop,
The Black and Whites will be on top,
We’re Cronulla Caringbah.

Life Members Honour Roll

Alan Clarkson (Deceased)
Alan McKenzie (Deceased)
Alex Laski
Anthony Beare
Betty Morgan (Deceased)
Bevan Gardiner
Bob Morgan
Brendan Fernley
Brett Barnes
Brian Crawley (Deceased)
C.Ringstad (Deceased)
Charlie Bate
Craig Jonas
Darcy Renshaw (Deceased)
Darren McKinnery
Dave Poulter
Dean Gillard
Don Nash
Edward Woodford
George Richardson
Graeme Bloor
Greg Hearnden
Greg McMaster
Greg Vaughan
Greg Willett
Isabell Purcell
J.Tooney (Deceased)
Jeff McKay
Jim Townsend (Deceased)
Jimmy Crompton
John Highfield (Deceased)
Ken Scarratt (Deceased)
Les (Mick) Poole
Les Bell
Lyle Ward
Max Phillips
Norm Piddington
Pamela Dean
Phil Young
Robert Cartwright (Deceased)
Ross Giles
Scott Porter
Steve Hodson
Terry Willett
Vince McAloon (Deceased)
Warren Major (Deceased)
William Purcell (Deceased)

Juniors to Play First Grade (Mens)

Adam MacDougall (Newcastle / Souths)
Andrew Dallalana   (Cronulla)
Barry Russell   (Cronulla)
Billy Margoulias (Cronulla)
Brad Takairangi   (Roosters / Gold Coast / Parramatta)
Cameron King (Cronulla / Eels)
Chris Gardner (Cronulla)
Chris Hyland   (Cronulla)
Chris Withall   (Cronulla / Illawarra)
Cliffy Lyons (Manly)
Col Eadie   (Cronulla)
Colin Best (Cronulla / St. George / Canberra / Souths)
Curtis Scott   (Melbourne Storm)
David Chamberlin   (Cronulla)
Glenn Coleman   (Cronulla)
Guy Picken   (Cronulla / St. George)
Harry Bryant   (Cronulla / Souths)
Isaac Gordon (North Sydney / Cronulla)
Jack Bosden (Roosters / St George)
Jason Bukuya (Cronulla)
John Glossop   (Cronulla)
John Purcell   (Western Suburbs Magpies)
Les Bell   (Newtown / Cronulla)
Matt Hilder   (Cronulla / Gold Coast / Newcastle)
Michael Lichaa   (Cronulla)
Mick Mullane (Cronulla)
Nathan Long   (Cronulla / Manly / St George Illawarra)
Paul Bishop   (Cronulla / Warrington / Gold Coast)
Peter Kedwell   (Cronulla)
Phil Tiernan (Parramatta / illawarra)
Rex Williams   (Cronulla / Illawarra)
Rick Bourke   (Cronulla / Souths)
Russell Aitken   (Cronulla / Melbourne)
Scott Dudman   (Cronulla / Canberra)
Scott Porter (Cronulla)
Scott Sorenson (Canberra / Cronulla)
Shaun Lane (Bulldogs)
Steve Edmonds   (Cronulla)
Steve Rogers (Cronulla)
Tony Graham   (Cronulla / St. George)
Trent Grubb (Cronulla)
Tyrone Peachey (Cronulla / Penrith)
Wil Kennedy (Cronulla)

Juniors to Play First Grade (Womens)

Allana Ferguson (Cronulla / NSW / Jilleroo)
Corban McGregor (Cronulla / NSW / Jilleroo)
Georgie Brooker (Cronulla / St George / Counrty)
Jade Etherden (Cronulla)
Jaime Chapman (Cronulla)
Jessica Sergis (Cronulla / St George / NSW / Jilleroo)
Kaarla Cowan (Cronulla / City)
Kate Mullaly (Cronulla / City)
Kiana Takairangi (Cronulla / NZ / Cook Islands)
Lauren Murty (Cronulla)
Lisa Tauariki (Cronulla / City)
Maddie Studdon (Cronulla / Roosters / NSW / Jilleroo)
Melanie Sexton (Cronulla)
Mia Wood (Cronulla)
Nita Maynard (Cronulla / NZ)
Quincy Dodd (Cronulla / Roosters / NSW)
Rima Butler (Cronulla)
Ruan Sims (Cronulla / Roosters / NSW / Jilleroo)
Ruby Ewe (Cronulla / City / NSW)
Sam Bremner (Cronulla / St George / NSW / Jilleroo)
Shontelle Stowers (Cronulla / Roosters / Jilleroo)
Talesha Quinn (Cronulla / City / NSW / Jilleroo)
Tanika Obrien (Cronulla)
Tayla Preston (Cronulla)
Tegan Chandler (Cronulla)